A violin masterclass is a group lesson featuring an experienced violinist working with students in a group context. During the masterclass, chosen students will perform a piece, etude, or excerpt one at a time and after the performance, the violinist will give their feedback. The violinist will choose a few aspects of each students playing and find ways for the student to grow in their performance ability. This feedback could include areas of posture, technique, musicality, or style. Each student usually gets around 15-20 minutes of the collective time of 1- 1.5 hours. Although specific students are actively participating in the masterclass, these events are open to the public and can help the audience members learn from the participants and the violinist.



Webinars are video presentations, wor lectures hosted online. These online events are about a variety of music-related topics and around 45 minutes to 1 hour long.

Online Music Lesson


Workshops are online music education programs that are dynamic, and exciting. The focus of workshops is to inspire students to learn more about the arts, motivate them to play an instrument, and teach them ways to explore music and to incorporate music into their own lives.

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